MultiMadeira is an island based festival + residency project, organised by two guys named Luka and a girl Jelena from Belgrade, Serbia. The first edition was realised on Madeira during the last two months of 2013. We’ve hosted a total of 38 artists working in various media and with different geographical and cultural backgrounds. At MultiMadeira, they were encouraged to communicate with each other as well as with the local community. We’ve held over 30 various public events including concerts, exhibitions, performances and workshops.

Nothing Else Really Exists

“Nothing else really exists” is a manually produced collaborative fanzine created at the workshop led by Katarina Šoškić and Lena Gold at Multimadeira, It consists of 18 individual zines contributed by various artists who were part of the residency and hand-sewn and hand-bound into a book. 30 copies were made