Multimadeira 2015/2016

What is Multimadeira?
MultiMadeira is an unfunded artist residency taking place on Portuguese island Madeira. The first edition was realised on Madeira during the last two months of 2013. We’ve hosted a total of 38 artists working in various media and with different geographical and cultural backgrounds. We’ve held over 30 various public events including concerts, exhibitions, performances and workshops.

When will it happen?
This winter (2015/2016), we are expecting you from November 29th until February 29th. You can stay as many weeks as you wish. 

Where is the house situated?
It’s in the center of Funchal. The exact address is Rua Pedro José de Ornelas 31.

How to apply?

Please read this FAQ to the end and then send in your application containing a proposal for the project and preferred dates to 

How much will it cost me?
For artists who propose an acceptable project to work on while on Madeira, the price is 5€ per night (of which 1€ goes towards art/event production costs). Keep in mind that you might be able to recoup some of the costs if holding a workshop, playing a concert / DJ set etc. For those who want to enjoy their stay and not have any obligation to produce or create something, the price is 100€ per week.

Are there any additional costs?
There is a one-time fee of 7€ per person which we will ask all the participants to pay upon the arrival. We try to make everybody feel like they are at home while staying on Multimadeira – except you will probably have many more flatmates than back home. And while sharing good vibes is free, some other communal things (like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, olive oil and other basic spices for the kitchen etc.) have to be paid for. The money collected this way will be used to buy those so none of us has to worry about it day in day out.

How do I get to Madeira?
EasyJet is a good option, as it flies to Lisbon from various locations and also flies Lisbon-Funchal. Monarch Airlines flies directly to Funchal from UK (Birmingham and London)Feel free to ask us for more info, and we will do our best to find you the cheapest connection.

What kind of project should I propose?
This is entirely up to you. However, near the end of your stay, we will expect you to present what you have been working on, in the form of a public event (presentation, exhibition, performance, concert etc.) and you’ll have our support in organizing the event. If there are any “unusual” prerequisites for your project, make sure to talk to us about it beforehand, and we’ll see if it’s possible.

What is the deadline for applications, and what is the deadline for booking a stay?
There are no fixed deadlines, but the later you propose, or book, the flights get more expensive, and the chance of the house being already full during your preferred dates grows.

How many people will be sharing a room?
Depending on the situation – we aim for a limit of 2-4 per “artist” room, and “tourists” have slight priorities in being less disturbed.

Will the food be provided?
You have to organize your own food, but there will be a working kitchen in the house you can use on your own and there will be some collective meals once in awhile, we hope at least once a week. Keep in mind that when a collective meal is organized, the chef has the priority of using the kitchen.

Why are you doing this?
Because we think we all should invest a bit, our time, or our money, in order to create a bubble in which there is no one above us.

Why do you ask artists to “pay-to-play”?
We actually don’t. For us is even better if an artist comes as a tourist, no strings attached.
But we aim to support young artists in building confidence, respecting deadlines and investing in their careers.

How much will you earn from this project?
The first time around we managed to cover the costs of the house, but ended up losing some money paying the bills and payed our flights in full. This year, we aim for 1€ surplus in total. This will only happen if we have a high occupancy during most weeks of the residency, and we bear all the risk if this doesn’t happen.
Then and if, we have to split that 1€ coin in three equal parts. Probably physically (don’t tell Angela).


See you on the island!

ARTISTS 2015/2016


Andre Loja, Olga Grigori, Fabio Remosso & Barreirinha crew, Irina Andrushko, Chris Csikszentmihalyi, Michael Rosen, Nuno Barcelos, Jorge Maggiore, Jose Zyberchema, Jennifer Lucy Allan, SomoS, Corner College, Sami Nagasaki, Hermann Pitz, Kafe Knjižara Meduza, Cafe Retro, Contrakapa, Søren Jakobsen, Don Renato Barros, Svetlana Mijić, Mane Radmanović and all the others who helped us do things our way.

MultiMadeira - first edition (2013)

The first edition of MultiMadeira was run by Luka, Jela and Luka during the last two months of 2013. We’ve hosted a total of 38 artists working in various media and with different geographical and cultural backgrounds. At MultiMadeira, they were encouraged to communicate with each other as well as with the local community. We’ve held over 30 various public events including concerts, exhibitions, performances and workshops.

Nothing Else Really Exists

“Nothing else really exists” is a manually produced collaborative fanzine created at the workshop led by Katarina Šoškić and Lena Gold at Multimadeira, It consists of 18 individual zines contributed by various artists who were part of the residency and hand-sewn and hand-bound into a book. 30 copies were made




MultiMadeira is an unfunded island-based artist residency, run by Luka, Jela and Luka.
If you wish to donate, just send via Paypal to
– thank you!